A good mop, how to buy?

- Aug 03, 2017 -

1. lever handle, easy to take, not easy to fall off, turn.

2. mop cloth water lijia.

3., mop the material does not chip off.

4., mop easy to wring, dry water consumption.

5., mop easy to remove dirty, clean, do not stick dirt.

6. different needs to choose different functions, such as furniture under smaller gaps, can choose the flat mop (mop cloth can be removed, such as dust.).

7., the home space storage does not occupy space: when the space is smaller, choose a simultaneous mop with mop function.

Mop is too common, often in life, are you familiar with mop parts? Our anatomy of a finished product parts, but also to everyone a little knowledge, if the future is bad, you can also repair their own.

1, the mop head is three-dimensional design, add a clean face on the side, not only has the advantages of convenient cleaning, skirting the wall, also can reach deep bed, furniture etc. are usually difficult to clean the bottom part of the low, do not stay dead;

2 、 microfiber loop mop cloth, added cleaning factor, super absorbent, easy to clean, lasting cleaning force;

3, two telescopic plastic steel handle, high quality plastic, 8K stainless steel combination, can rotate 360 degrees;

4, suitable for families, small office, business premises, hotels, guesthouses, computer rooms, and other materials floor;

5, dry and wet dual-use.

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