How to clean a spin mop?

- Aug 03, 2017 -

The general practice is to pump the pipe to the maximum level, so it is not right to do so. If you want to mop up clean, it is better to have a special mop mop bucket:

The first: the need to use very little water (remember not to a small amount of the mop head) there is with a little detergent soak for 30 minutes;

Second: then hand quickly from the water on the mop carrying out of the water, and then again slightly whipped mop under water, so repeated several times to wring the mop in the rotary mop rod screw stem in blue.

Third: at the end of the same time, with the same amount of water and the same way, thoroughly re cleaning.

So wash mop, that is, water, and clean. Remember not to use too much water. If the bucket can not water, mainly because each filed mop from the water, and whipped into the water due to the water and the outside air bubbles and extrusion makes quickly clean mop. Because the water will be difficult to add more air, but also to clean people who have been covered with sewage situation. The detergent added is clean and bactericidal.

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