How to replace different types of mops in mops?

- Aug 03, 2017 -

How to replace different types of mops in mops, there are several types of mops, but the basic mop heads and poles can be separated, so there are many different types of mop parts manufacturers mop head. If the rotary mop head, a connecting widget set into the mop rod, and the mop rod sleeve into the mop disc inside, the connecting piece and the mop plate tightened, not loose, finally put the handle into the mop rod. 

If it is to fold the sponge mop head and unload the cotton head, as long as the right hand grasps the cotton head and gently pushes back in the middle, the cotton head is unloaded, and the cotton wool head is opposite. If the roller sponge mop head, squeeze roller cotton head water type usually has four screw holes, the four screw hole hole distance is used, the general cotton head of the same length are used in different mop. In fact, the effect of the four screw holes on the roller is that the screw connects the left and the right sides of the mop and the cotton head through the screw hole.

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