What are the components of a mop?

- Aug 03, 2017 -

What are the components of a mop? Mop parts manufacturers will produce all parts of the mop, they are made of different materials, we come to understand below:

The first is the mop handle, it is made of stainless steel tube and rod handle made of high strength, metallic contact, feel good, rust resistance, surface smooth and bright, handle the high hardness, deformation, bending, durable. 

Then the mop panel, it is made of stainless steel panel, iron plating with light color, white chrome, black, antique and other colors, and in the appearance of the seal on the senior panel paint, enhance anti rust capability, showing a clean, high-grade, bright, give a comfortable feeling full of energy. In addition, the plastic panel and the mop silk are made of imported PP and PET recycled materials. This kind of silk is soft and delicate, which makes cleaning and cleaning more effortless and more environmentally friendly.

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