Advantages And Disadvantages Of Types Of Mops

- Aug 03, 2017 -

With the improvement of living standard, people pay more attention to the sanitation of the home environment. A clean and tidy home environment not only keeps people in a good mood, but also plays a better role in protecting people's health. Mops as an important tool for cleaning the environment, there are many kinds of products on the market. How should consumers choose?

1, mop

Features: PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) cleaning head collidion mop production, with super absorbent ability, is ten times the ordinary sponge has the advantages of convenient operation, clean when the sponge dipped in light pull a few rods in water, sewage can be discharged. After placing, the glue head can be dried and hardened naturally to prevent bacteria from breeding. In addition to cleaning the floor, this mop can also clean walls and ceilings.

Disadvantages: the ability to absorb hair is weak, should not rub grease and chemical dirt. In addition, the cleaning capacity of the corners is also poor. After the collision, the dirty water is easily extruded.

Recommendation: be sure to choose a better quality head of the mop, the poor quality of plastic head easy to crack, poor water absorption, short service life.

2 、 superfine fiber material mop

Features: this kind of mop is very popular in the past two years. The mop head overturns the traditional round head. The flat panel design is used to make the floor and floor fully stressed. The mop is made of two kinds of fine cotton yarn and superfine fiber, which is easy to wipe off the dust between the gap and the corner. Now, many products are also equipped with cards, towels, easy to install, use a variety of waste towels to wipe the ground, but also fitted with special towels to clean the glass, windows.

Disadvantages: hand contact with mop, not suitable for tile floor.

Recommendations: make full use of waste towels, waste cloth, etc., can also play a polishing role.

3, sliver (line) mop

Features: the price is low, the mop rod is divided into plastic rods, wood, metal rod three. The mop head is made up of absorbent cotton cloth, cotton thread and so on. The cleaning power of the mop is also good, but the cleaning is troublesome, and the water absorption of some cloth strips is not strong.

Disadvantages: cotton mop head is not good, dry, dry, easy to taste and breed bacteria. In addition, "hair loss" is the biggest problem, after a period of time, the mop will be "sparse head."".

Suggestion: when buying, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the binding is tight or not.

4, bibulous fiber mop

Features: in recent years, some manufacturers have improved the cotton support head, using a water absorbent fiber cloth, and equipped with a bucket and dryer, so that the operation of mops is much easier. This light, little and dainty, mop and mop the floor, exert oneself, effortless efficiency is relatively high.

Disadvantages: mop head into the water, wring dry, the volume will become smaller, but also the smaller the use. If the room size is larger, it will appear arduous.

Recommendation: the choice of high quality fabric mop is not easy to lose hair, longer life. A bucket with a drying device can be twice the result with half the effort.

5 、 electric multifunctional floor cleaning machine

Features: This machine uses wired power, and has been out of the traditional mop category. Its bottom has three high-speed rotating brush head, with detergent can remove stubborn stains effectively. In addition, the machine also functions as vacuuming, polishing and polishing.

Disadvantages: noise, after cleaning the floor with shallow marks.

Tip: the average family is a bit wasteful if it's just for cleaning.

Personally think that, for now, home cleaning, mop is the most suitable, when cleaning the ground processing can be very clean, clean mop itself is also very convenient, mop dirty or after using a long time directly for a line, the price is very low.

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