Automatic Mop Rotation, Compared To Sponge Mop How

- Aug 03, 2017 -

Are you still bored for mopping up? Recently, there is a netizen minutes to clean the room, clean and tidy. However, he used the mop is not our ordinary rotation mop, but automatic mop rotation, is a new mop cleaning products.

First, this rotation mop for easy. Compared with the sponge mop, this automatic rotation of the mop is easier to use because its mop head can be replaced at will. Thus, not like other ordinary mop, do not worry about the mop head with a bad, and lead to mop can not use the problem. Automatic mop the mop is also very large, able to clean a wider area, reduce the time to drag the ground.

Second, the rotating mop bucket maintenance simple. This hand-pressure rotary mop bucket is a metal dehydration bucket, very environmentally friendly, and withstand high temperatures. The quality of this barrel is very good, not easy to deformation, of course, hand pressure rotary mop bucket maintenance is also easier. It is compared with the sponge mop, more able to save water, do not have to change the water, but more environmentally friendly conservation.

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