Can All Mops Bask In The Sun?

- Aug 03, 2017 -

Can all the mops be basked in the sun? As one of the most necessary household articles, mops play an important role in people's life. Mops of different materials have also brought substantial convenience to our lives. Life is the main type of mop mop mop, mop common fiber and cotton, in the process of cleaning has to depend on the material, then after cleaning all the mop can bask in the sun? The mop factory told us.

Most of the sun is mop, mop, microfiber non-woven fabric and general collodion material advocate sun dried, but will make the material shrinkage and deformation, the adsorption effect can be weakened. Cotton mop will be drying the sun, because a long time wet, mop will fall off, there will be peculiar smell.

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