Features Of Spin Mop

- Aug 03, 2017 -

Rotary mop is a new mop that can overcome the shortcomings of all mop in the past, and it is easy to take, easy to clean, hands completely dirty, away from stains and sewage, even the ground debris are easily attached; rotating mop with Super absorbent, rotating mop attached to the dehydration barrel, the principle of centrifugal force, as long as the light pedal, you can quickly shine the water! Rotary mop the mop head is made of a special ultra-fine fiber, super absorbent performance to ensure that no longer have water stains.

The advantages of rotating mop

1. The emergence of rotating mop really let the housewife save a lot of power, broom mop such a cleaning tool has never been.

2. Compared with the ordinary mop, rotating mop has a stronger water absorption, as long as the rotation can be shining water, by many people's favorite. The following Xiaobian for everyone to summarize the characteristics of the rotating mop. Of course, there are other advantages of the spinning mop, waiting for us to slowly discover and develop.


1. New type of dehydration device, but also the use of ergonomic design principles, but also can control the cloth dry and dry. Unique cotton head fiber, water decontamination, wear antibacterial, and will not scratch a variety of flooring. Easily let you make the United States and the United States, fast, comfortable, more healthy and reasonable.

2. 360 degrees can be any rotation of the new rotary mop head patented design, the latest washing device, gently press, clean cotton head easily simple and reasonable. It will not scratch all kinds of floor or other cleansing surface of the delicate surface.

3. Unique rotation spin function, easy to keep the mop clean and tidy.

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