Hand Pressure Spinning Mop Does Not Turn, How To Do?

- Aug 03, 2017 -

We are very familiar with the hand rotating mop, of course it also makes our life more clean, believe that there is a part of consumers will find after a period of time that rotary mop does not turn, then the reason of the emergence of this situation is what

Rotating mop does not turn this situation, most of the buyers will encounter, and the solution to this situation there are many ways, below we spin mop wholesale manufacturers to introduce you how to repair.

You can take some tools to put the barrel below break open, in the drying barrel there is a shaft, you will find that there is a round empty slot in the shaft below the inside of the ball mill is broken, then you put on a good ball, and then installed, you can this is easy to solve, do not turn the rotary mop.

Of course, you can also see if there is too much sediment under the spinning wheel If there are a lot of sediment, you can remove it for cleaning, so that it can effectively solve the rotating mop not turn the case.

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