Introduction To The Working Principle Of Mop

- Aug 03, 2017 -

Mop has now become a household cleaning products necessary, but also with its good performance and convenience, easy to do housework, and therefore received the praise of our customers. But what is the working principle of the mop? It can do housework so easily.

For the cleaning of the mop, the protective cover is arranged on the head, so that during the working process, the cleaning head of the working rod can not be avoided because of the accident. For the mop head, use 360 degree rotation, you can easily clean the dead corner. Easy to go into any corner, unique cloth, fiber, make it clean ability is very strong, and also has good wear resistance, anti-bacterial performance, won't scratch the floor.

For the rotary mop, the Guan device is installed at the lower end, to avoid the clean mop head when the rotary God, moving back and forth, which also affect the cloth cleaning, and it can be completely dehydration effect, gently turn to remove stains on cloth.

Of course, the work lever of the mop is fitted with a check lock, thus avoiding the reversal of the drum when it is dehydrated. And we have done a special treatment for it to make it work in a segmented state. We can adjust the height according to our own requirements. In terms of our clean-up.

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