Is It Easy To Spin A Mop?

- Aug 03, 2017 -

I believe you both in the TV shopping, or in the market, there will be many selling hand rotary mop manufacturers, said rotary mop have many good properties, how good, believe that there will be some consumers think, rotary mop well? Is the function really so powerful?

Hand pressure rotary mop has super washing and dewatering function, and the hand pressure rotary mop price is not very expensive, the cost performance is also very excellent.

And rotating mop also has its labor-saving and time-saving performance. Of course, in the cleaning process, to ensure that your hands do not have to contact the water, you use the process of dirty water is not taken to second times, absolutely guaranteed cleaning effect.

The rotary mop head is using superfine fiber, is three times the average mop water absorption rate, but also has strong antibacterial properties, abrasion resistance, will not cause harm to the floor, while the decontamination effect is also very good, but also can be applied to clean the windows, cleaning, etc..

Of course, hand pressure rotary mop is also very convenient to use, just need to gently step on the foot, you can clean the floor, and mop cover can achieve 360 rotation, so that you clean indoor, no dead angle.


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