Mop How To Change Mop Head?

- Aug 03, 2017 -

Mop for a long time, for a long time there will be a lot of residual bacteria in the above, in order to clean and maintain the health of the family home, we must often change the mop, the mop mop head how to change it, it is not difficult, we simply put the mop head down and twist the original mop the new head of the installation, but we do not recommend this method for mop head, let me teach you how to change the mop head tips.

We want to trample on the edge of cloth when changing the mop head, and the screw is in the same direction, the position of the handle to the position of the body and was then in the opposite direction of the force on the disc and drag, this cloth wheel separated an easy job to do, then we go along the screw the direction, stepped on the cloth to drag, there is a place in the screw tray, along one direction, his cloth gently pry it open, and then we can get an easy job to do to replace the mop head.

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